St Vitus Dance 'Bystanders' CD

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1. Gospel Oak 2. St John’s Gardens 3. Circumstances 4. Landslide 5. A lot to learn 6. Great Divide 7. Trojan Security 8. Prester John 9. Devil May care 10. Leaning RELEASE DATE: 23 JULY 2012

Love Me Love My Dogma : St Vitus Dance

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1. The Silence 2. Have No Fear 3. Contemptible 4. horse Sense 5. Perish The Thought 6. Napoleon’s Nose 7. Inequality Street 8. Meet Mohammed 9. Dancing Class 10. Fish On Friday 11. Rubble Every

Glypotheque : St Vitus Dance

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1. Winners Al 2. The Stakeholder’s Lament 3.Gamblin’ Man 4. Fevered Ego 5. Human Interest Story 6. Glypotecheque 7. Stupor Mundi 8. Not a Good Time 9. Seriosly Listing 10. Spendlove 11. Wh

Wake Up With Probe Plus : Various

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Mass – Calvin Party Performance Monkey – Marlow Moon – The Midnight Choir Theme – The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus Blathering Out – The Walking Seeds Stand

In Spod Time : Dead Poppies

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1. Wired 2. Marry you On A Sunday 3. Go So Far 4. Spod Time 5. No More Lies 6. Progress 7. Dragon Man PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE FROM 20TH OCTOBER 2014

Confidence Tricks : Dead Poppies

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Vote Of Confidence Suicide Roll Hard On The Rails On your Own Falling Leaves Friday Night Saturday Inside A Week The Funambulit’s Journey (Suite) i – As Long As It’s Round ii ̵

Never As Black : Calvin Party

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1. Maybe I Only 2. Northern Song 3. Goodbye 4. Days Of Heaven 5. Pomo Gothic 6. Killing Me 7. Religion 8. Repitition 9. Plans 10. Life and Other Sex Tragedies 11. Words Of A Great Man 12. Never As Bla

Lies Lies & Government : Calvin Party

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1. Tell Me About Poverty 2. Caspers Ballroom 3. Flowers 4. Lies Lies & Government (1) 5. Lies Lies & Government (2) 6. Looking At Me For 7. Life And Other Sex Tragedies 8. Repitition No.2 9. P

Goddards Girlfriend : Calvin Party

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1. History Girl 2. Sleep on the Rug 3. Just keep Falling 4. Best Friend 5. Try 6. Godard’s Girlfriend 7. Broken Flowers 8. Hey Nothing 9. Veronica’s Song 10. Come on in 11. She’s Not

Marlowe "It's Turning Me On E.P." CD

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1. I’m The Kinda Guy Who Takes Advantage Of A Woman Like You (radio edit) 2. It’s Turning me On 3. Third Best Choice 4. Sweet Chocolate Ambition 5. No Wiser Than Before

Click to enlarge Marlowe 'Deep Breathe Fake Air' CD

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1. Keep The Trouble In Sight 2. The Relic 3. Performance Monkey 4. Your Lukc Really Matters To Me 5. Deep Breathe Fake Air 6. Heart In Heart Out 7. Cigarettes And Novelties 8. Popularity Gel (v 2.0) 9

Marlowe 'Darksparklecorner'CD

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1. I’m In Love 2. Super Soul 3. Moments 4. Bee Stung Lips 5. Chloe’s Song 6. Storm 7. Introspection Man 8. Sharpened Claws 9. Tied Up 10. Pretty Purpose Man

Marlowe 'A Day In July' CD

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1. A Day In July 2. Feeding Time 3. I’m The Kinda Guy Who Takes Advantage Of A Girl Like You 4. Popularity Gel 5. It’s Turning On Me 6. The Toasted Sun Girl 7. Always Wink At The Host 8. I

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Road : Half Man Half Biscuit

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A Shropshire Lad Bad Review Eno Collaboration (new version) Dead Men Don’t Need Season Tickets Deep House Victims’ Minibus Appeal C.A.M.R.A. Man PRS Yearbook (Quick, The Drawbridge) Tonig

Trouble Over Bridgewater : Half Man Half Biscuit

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Irk The Purists Uffington Wassail Third Track Main Camera Four Minutes Nove On The Sly Ballad Of Climie Fisher Gubba Look-a-Likes Mathematically Safe With Goth On Our Side Used To Be In Evil Gazebo S

This Leaden Pall : Half Man Half Biscuit CD

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M-6-ster 4AD3DCD Running Order Squabble Fest Whiteness Thy Name Is Meltonian This Leaden Pall Turned Up Clocked On Laid Off Improv Workshop Mimeshow Gobshite 13 Eurogoths Floating In The Dead Sea Whi

Some Call It Godcore : Half Man Half Biscuit

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Sensitive Outsider Fretwork Homework Faithlift Song For Europe Even Men With Steel Hearts £24.99 From Argos Sponsoring The Moshpits Fear My Wraith Styx Gig (Seen By My Mates Coming Out Of A) Friday

McIntyre Treadmore And Davitt : Half Man Half Biscuit

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Outbreak Of Vitas Gerulaitis Prag Vec At The Melkweg Christian Rock Concert Let’s Not Yipps (My Baby Got The) Hedley Verityesque A Lilac Harry Quinn Our Tune Girlfriend’s Finished With Hi

Half Man Half Biscuit '90 Bisodol (Crimond)'CD

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1. Something’s Rotten in the back of Iceland 2. Rsvp 3.Tommy Walsh’s Eco house 4.Joy in Leeuwarden (we are ready) 5. Excavating Rita 6. Fun Day In The Park 7. Descent Of The Stiperstones 8


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1. Westward Ho! – Massive Letdown 2.This One’s For Now 3. Baguette Dilemna For The Booker Prize Guy 4. My Outstretched Arms 5.The Bane Of Constance 6.Theme Tune For Something Or Other 7.Fa

Half Man Half Biscuit 'Back In The DHSS' CD

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The legendary first album,Probe 4,finally back in stock after a long absence! Is your heart feeling fonder?! **Includes the long-deleted Trumpton Riots E.P.**

Half Man Half Biscuit: Four Lads Who Shook The Wirral CD

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Children of Apocalyptic Techstep Four Skinny Indie Kids You’re Hard On Reaching The Wensum Moody Chops Turn A Blind Eye Split Single With Happy Lounge Labelmates A Country Practice Secret Gig S

CSI:Ambleside : Half Man Half Biscuit

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Evening Of Swing (Has Been Cancelled) Bad Losers On Yahoo Chess Took Problem Chimp To Ideal Home Show Ode To Joyce Blue Badge Abuser Totnes Bickering Fair King Of Hi-Vis Lord Hereford’s Knob On

Half Man Half Biscuit: Cammell Laird Social Club CD

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The Light At The End Of The Tunnel (Is The Light Of An Oncoming Train) When The Evening Sun Goes Down San Antonio Foam Party Them’s The Vagaries If I Had Possession Over Pancake Day The Referee

ACD : Half Man Half Biscuit

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The Best Things In Life D’Ye Ken Ted Moult? Reasons To Be Miserable (Part 10) Rod Hull Is Alive – Why? Dickie Davies Eyes The Bastard Son Of Dean Friedman I Was A Teenage Armchair Honved

The Tansads 'Shandyland'

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1. Cobbly Back Yard 2, Wood In The Hole 3. Right On 4. Big Wednesday 5. Feed Me 6. Horses 7. Shandyland 8. Juvenile 9. No More 10. London’s Burning 11. Spirit Move 12. Big Bad Devil

The Probe Plus Stuff : Jegsy Dodd And The Sons Of Harry Cross

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So Here We Are Welcome To Hillview Heights Downtown Birkenhead Who Killed New Brighton Winebar Man A Scouse Werewolf In london The Art Of Rape No Place To Run The Mushie Picker boogie I Am The Trendi

The Pool Of Life Revisited : The Onset

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1. Raken’em Down 2. The Taker (second take) 3. The Cowboy and His Wife 4. Precious Love 5. Talkin’ Space Travel Blues 6. Too Proud To Start 7. Trees and Plants 8. Glad Rag (instrumental) 9
£10 £2.99

ROJA 'Promises i Should Have Kept' CD

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1. The evil stands high 2. Don’t leave me here to die 3. This old flame 4. Oh L’amour (Part 1) 5. Yeah i could 6. Some moments of silence 7. Heart attack 8. Nestle 9. I’m your lover

Rocco 'Honesty' CD

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1.  Honesty 2.  Slipping out of circumstances 3.  All the boys 4.  Drifter 5.  I want you 6.  In silence 7.  In th early hours of the morning 8.  Is that love? 9.  Eight o’clock in the

Mike Badger 'Mike Badgers Countryside'

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Mike Badger of The Onset, 14 track album on Generator Records
£5.99 £3.99

Lovecraft 'Whistle and I'll come to you,my lad'

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1.One For The Furnace 2. Royal Jelly 3. Taste Of Paradise 4. Mudman’s Brunchday 5. Baby Jeans 6. the Beast 7. Jimmy Riddle 8. Jade 9. The Telepathist 10. Vinegar Tom 11. Elevenses 12. Uprooting
£9.95 £1.49

Lazer Boy 'Fallen World' CD

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1. Fallen World Overture 2. Atom 3. A Normal Life 4. Lazer Fox 5. Chemical 6. How Do You Like Those Apples 7. The Shopping Centre Whistler 8. Forget Nothing (computerised trout version) 9. 100-173 10.

Indica : Four Twenty

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1. 4 Tune 2. Himalayan Love 3. One Two 4. A Fools Logic 5. Indica 6. Devil In Me 7. Ganja Rockers 8. Slime Back 9. Mango Tree 10. The More I Look 11. Stay 12. Who’s War Is It Anyway 13. Disobey
£10 £1.49

Eat The Evidence : Kelso

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1. Look Out2. Dead On The Pulsebeat3. Smoke Damage4. Outsiders5. Hanging Man6. Microdot Eyes7. Crossfire8. Graffiti On Graffiti9. Mind Food Makers10. Hip Kid11. Live The Cliche
£10 £1.99

Davey Graham- Playing In Traffic

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1.Jinaco 2.Amalia 3.Joy of my heart 4.Majuun 5.Aydede 6.Sita Ram 7. Arloso 8. Rain & Snow 9. Kitty’s Rambles 10. Bury My body 11. The ram in  the thicket 12. Don’t let your deal go do

Sonnenberg 'The end of the rain' CD

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1.  The end of the rain 2.  Save Me 3.  Asylum 4.  Warm Bath 5.  Maces of Meaning 6.  Another Ship 7.  Forever 8.  Cold Ashes 9.  Sweet Life 10.The Road Ahead 11.He Maya 12.End of the (t)rain

Sonnenberg 'Tabla Rasa' CD Mini Album

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Ltd edition run of only 50 CDRs in plastic sleeves Totally acoustic 7 track mini album beautiful morning mazes looking for gold what goes round was wird werden star gazing beautiful morning (mix by Da

Fishing In The Pool : Sonnenberg

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1. Shine On 2. Telephone Song 3. Mersey Moon 4. Another Mile 5. Stay 6. She 7. Just Wonderful 8. Roman Stone 9. Ebb ‘n’ Flow 10. Here With You 11. Journey Along Your Skin 12. Time 13. Walk