Jegsy Dodd And The Sons Of Harry Cross 'The Probe Plus Stuff' CD (PROBE 58)

So Here We Are Welcome To Hillview Heights Downtown Birkenhead Who Killed New Brighton Winebar Man A Scouse Werewolf In london The Art Of Rape No Place To Run The Mushie Picker boogie I Am The Trendi
SKU : CD Probe 58


  1. So Here We Are
  2. Welcome To Hillview Heights
  3. Downtown Birkenhead
  4. Who Killed New Brighton
  5. Winebar Man
  6. A Scouse Werewolf In london
  7. The Art Of Rape
  8. No Place To Run
  9. The Mushie Picker boogie
  10. I Am The Trendiest Man Who Never Got Into Atmosphere
  11. Always The Bridesmaid
  12. 8000 Miles Away
  13. Nightmare At Normans
  14. Psycho-Nazi Police Cadet In… ‘Where’s Your Muzzy Shock!’
  15. The Things I’d Do For You
  16. They’re A Funny Fuckin’ Crowd Them Student Types

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