The Probe Plus Stuff : Jegsy Dodd And The Sons Of Harry Cross

So Here We Are Welcome To Hillview Heights Downtown Birkenhead Who Killed New Brighton Winebar Man A Scouse Werewolf In london The Art Of Rape No Place To Run The Mushie Picker boogie I Am The Trendi
SKU : CD Probe 58


  1. So Here We Are
  2. Welcome To Hillview Heights
  3. Downtown Birkenhead
  4. Who Killed New Brighton
  5. Winebar Man
  6. A Scouse Werewolf In london
  7. The Art Of Rape
  8. No Place To Run
  9. The Mushie Picker boogie
  10. I Am The Trendiest Man Who Never Got Into Atmosphere
  11. Always The Bridesmaid
  12. 8000 Miles Away
  13. Nightmare At Normans
  14. Psycho-Nazi Police Cadet In… ‘Where’s Your Muzzy Shock!’
  15. The Things I’d Do For You
  16. They’re A Funny Fuckin’ Crowd Them Student Types

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