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Fishcake Shake 'Do The Heart Beat' LP (PROBE 11)...

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A1. Slowly unfolding A2. Allons dancer,Colinda A3. Smile A4. Playing with fire A5. Who you gonna marry? B1. Telly song B2. Cowboy song B3. Rhythm & Blues B4. Two summers B5. Just in passing B6. Li

England Under Snow 'Conversations' LP (OPUS 1)

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A1 First 2:11 A2 Strawberry 1:56 A3 Paris 2:20 A4 Meadow 0:47 A5 Mersey 1:31 A6 Petula 1:30 A7 Ride 2:28 A8 Fire 1:57 A9 Ice 2:17 B1 Arthur 0:57 B2 Edward 2:26 B3 Jacqueline 1

Cyclic Amp 'People of the book' MINI LP

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A1. Dead cop A2. Slave A3. Power A4. Gun B1. Human god B2. Ugly thoughts B3. Christians B4. Meat slab/holiest image

Half Man Half Biscuit 'Dickie Davies Eyes' 12"

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A. Dickie Davies Eyes B1.The bastard son of Dean Freidman B2. I left my heart in Papworth General

Ex Post Facto "She'll rape the world" LP

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A1. prologue A2. Dancing child A3. Actor’s warning A4. Innocence A5. daylight-nightmares A6. It’s no show A7. ‘Til victory B1. Trilogy B2. Oceanic explorers B3. Ruth Ellis B4. Blue m

Magic Carpets 'Guided Naffi Missile' LP

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A1. Trick Of fate A2. Feeling So good A3. No Entry A4. Hang On Loosely A5. Watching Burning Grey B1. the Conqueror B2. This Dying Land B3. All Around Us Now B4. The Day Lemon Oranges World Caught Fire

England Under Snow 'Conversations 2'LP (OPUS 2)

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A1 Forget 1:32 A2 Home 2:20 A3 Relax 2:32 A4 Banana 2:20 A5 Hate 1:26 A6 Gardening 0:30 A7 Seven 1:32 A8 Proud 2:13 A9 Spain 2:07 A10 Funk 2:06 A11 Sad 2:24 A12 Mirror 1:42

Cyclic Amp 'Ugly as power' 12" EP

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A1. Dance A2. Him A3. Carrion B1. Kill B2. Caress B3. Turkey shop

Half Man Half Biscuit feat. Margi Clarke "No Regrets" 12"

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12″ single A. No Regrets (Long version) B. No Regrets 1966 & All That Sleeves are a bit creased/worn from years of storage!

Ex Post facto 'Dancing Child' 12"

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A. Dancing child B1.Sombre Soloist B2.Trilogy

Ophiuchus 'Pronounced: O'ffee~ick.cuss' LP (PROBE 23)

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A1. Mayfire Circles A2. Memories of an Atlantic beach A3. Silver and grey A4. Dreaming of james Joyce & Virignia Woolf A5. Serpent and the bearded king A6. Some say the devil is dead B1.Like a c

The Farm 'Body & Soul' 7" (FR2301)

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A. Body & Soul B.Colonels & Heroes