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The Midnight Choir 'Trussed By Buddha' MINI LP

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A1. Moon A2. Surf’s Up Turnip Down A3. Lazy Eye A4. Dumb Design B1. Elephant Head B2. King B3. Carrion B4. Amoeba

The Doonicans 'Fisherwomans Way' 12" E.P.

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A1. Fisherwoman’s Way A2. Chanter’s Song B1. Drunken Pretender B2. Piper’s Song

Surreal Estate 'Midas Touch' 12" EP (PP12)

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A1. Midas touch A2. Incidentally B1. the messenger B2. Incidub

Public Disgrace' Toxteth' 7"

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A. Toxteth B1. LSD B2. Wars 2nd ever single release on Probe Plus, and one of Liverpool’s few punk bands

Pressure Drop 'Daddy buy me a rifle' 7"

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A. Daddy buy me a rifle B. Guinea Pigs

Ophiuchus 'Pronounced: O'ffee~ick.cuss' LP (PROBE 23)

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A1. Mayfire Circles A2. Memories of an Atlantic beach A3. Silver and grey A4. Dreaming of james Joyce & Virignia Woolf A5. Serpent and the bearded king A6. Some say the devil is dead B1.Like a c

Magic Carpets 'Guided Naffi Missile' LP

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A1. Trick Of fate A2. Feeling So good A3. No Entry A4. Hang On Loosely A5. Watching Burning Grey B1. the Conqueror B2. This Dying Land B3. All Around Us Now B4. The Day Lemon Oranges World Caught Fire

Fflaps 'Malltod' LP (PROBE 28)

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A1. Malltod A2. Hel Cnau A3. Gaef Yn Kragero A4. Pen Crwban A5. Cenedfl Malwan B1. Corrach Cogfran B2. Cornwyd Pellaf B3. Pen Yn Y Nen B4. Nawfed

Levellers 5 'Springtime' LP

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A1. what’s my name? A2. Morning til midnight A3. heaven A4. Hypo Man A5. Next big thing B1. Be happy B2.Walking on fire B3. Springtime

Levellers 5 'Clatter' LP

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A1. Oh its nothing A2. Sticks A3. Whats the matter? A4. Dont matter at all A5. Home B1. Big Friday (F.O. mix) B2. Warning shadows B3. Somewhere B4. Love thing ha! B5. Clatter

Levellers 5 'Big Friday' 7"

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a. Big Friday b. No Big Thing

Levellers 5 'Big Friday' 12" EP

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a1. Big Friday A2. Big Friday (mix) B1. Mr Tell me B2. Next big thing