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Mr Amir 'No place to go' 12" EP

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A1. No place to go A2. The sun A3. The children B1. All my love B2. One more day B3. Still no place to go   *SLEEVES ARE A BIT WORN FROM STORAGE*

The Tansads 'Shandyland' LP

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A1. Cobbly Back Yard A2. Wood In T’hole A3. Right On A4.Big Wednesday A5. Feed Me A6. Horses B1. Shandyland B2. Juvenile B3. No More B4. London’s Burning B5. Spirit Move B6. Big Bad Devil

Da Books 'City E.P.' 12" E.P.

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a. Livin’ for the city (bullring mix) b1. All i want is everything b2. How could you be so low? b3. Givin’ up the acid b4. England may as well be Cuba

Half Man Half Biscuit 'Dickie Davies Eyes' 7"

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A. Dickie Davies Eyes B. I left my heart in Papworth General

Halfway To Eddie's 'Flesh,Blood & Linoleum' LP

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A1 The Small Bitter Pin-Striped Fool A2 Love Wasn’t In The First Three A3 Old Jim A4 Friends Blessed With Mothers A5 Mr. Larkin A6 Yap Yap Yeah! A7 Guilt B1 You’ve Changed B2 Sugar Mother

Public Disgrace' Toxteth' 7"

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A. Toxteth B1. LSD B2. Wars 2nd ever single release on Probe Plus, and one of Liverpool’s few punk bands

Dead Or Alive 'Number Eleven' 7" (INEV 008)

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A. Number Eleven B. Name Game (live version) Inevitable Records 8 Released April 1981 Brand new copies WITHOUT picture sleeves (plain white sleeve)

Da Books 'Livin For the city' 7"

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a. Livin’ for the city b. All i want is everything (voodoo scally mix)   Sleeves are a bit discolored with age!

Tunnel Frenzies 'Knee Deep & Wasted' 12" E.P.

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A1 Drowning School A2 Getta Grip A3 Turn The Screw B1 Fast Dream Speeding B2 Move On B3 In The Pit

Surreal Estate 'Midas Touch' 12" EP (PP12)

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A1. Midas touch A2. Incidentally B1. the messenger B2. Incidub