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Gone To Earth 'Vegetarian Bullfighter' LP

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A1. salford rumble A2. Dear John A3. Did you really? A4. Foreign animals A5. Kelly’s tractor A6. Only our rivers B1. Lie so well B2. Someday B3. Eh la! B4. Be yourself

Gone To earth 'Live & Buried' 12" EP

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A1. Tippin’ it up to Nancy A2. Rose of York B1. John Ryan’s polka B2. Home by bearna B3. Endbit

Gone To Earth 'Dogs went out the window' 12" EP

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A1. Three Drummers A2. Magician (live party version) B1. Rose Red B2. Liverpool hornpipe

Gone To Earth 'Blinded in love' 12"

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A1. Blinded in love (long version) B1. Martin’s one horned cow (live) B2. Never come back (version)

Da Books 'Livin For the city' 7"

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a. Livin’ for the city b. All i want is everything (voodoo scally mix)   Sleeves are a bit discolored with age!

Da Books 'City E.P.' 12" E.P.

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a. Livin’ for the city (bullring mix) b1. All i want is everything b2. How could you be so low? b3. Givin’ up the acid b4. England may as well be Cuba

Cook da Books 'I wouldnt want to knock it' 7" EP

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A. I wouldn’t want to knock it B1.Up in smoke B2.In Da papers

Cyclic Amp 'Ugly as power' 12" EP

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A1. Dance A2. Him A3. Carrion B1. Kill B2. Caress B3. Turkey shop

Cyclic Amp 'People of the book' MINI LP

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A1. Dead cop A2. Slave A3. Power A4. Gun B1. Human god B2. Ugly thoughts B3. Christians B4. Meat slab/holiest image

Cyclic Amp 'Concrete island' 12" EP

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a1. Concrete Island a2. Slope B1. The River B2. Eat

The Vernons 'Smithdown Road' LP

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A1. Angels A2. Passiondale A3. Stockton-on-Tees A4. (I wish i was) American A5. It’s come ’round to that time again B1. Facing up B2. She’s left the village green B3. Sport B4. Hoe-t

The Tractors 'Juggernaut' 12" EP (PROD 9)

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A1. Some part of me A2. Trucks/Suddenly B1. 16.48 B2. Pat Nevin’s eyes B3. Real me