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Cook da Books 'I wouldnt want to knock it' 7" EP

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A. I wouldn’t want to knock it B1.Up in smoke B2.In Da papers

Cyclic Amp 'Concrete island' 12" EP

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a1. Concrete Island a2. Slope B1. The River B2. Eat

Cyclic Amp 'People of the book' MINI LP

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A1. Dead cop A2. Slave A3. Power A4. Gun B1. Human god B2. Ugly thoughts B3. Christians B4. Meat slab/holiest image

Cyclic Amp 'Ugly as power' 12" EP

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A1. Dance A2. Him A3. Carrion B1. Kill B2. Caress B3. Turkey shop

Da Books 'City E.P.' 12" E.P.

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a. Livin’ for the city (bullring mix) b1. All i want is everything b2. How could you be so low? b3. Givin’ up the acid b4. England may as well be Cuba

Da Books 'Livin For the city' 7"

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a. Livin’ for the city b. All i want is everything (voodoo scally mix)   Sleeves are a bit discolored with age!

Dead Or Alive 'Number Eleven' 7" (INEV 008)

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A. Number Eleven B. Name Game (live version) Inevitable Records 8 Released April 1981 Brand new copies WITHOUT picture sleeves (plain white sleeve)

England Under Snow 'Conversations 2'LP (OPUS 2)

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A1 Forget 1:32 A2 Home 2:20 A3 Relax 2:32 A4 Banana 2:20 A5 Hate 1:26 A6 Gardening 0:30 A7 Seven 1:32 A8 Proud 2:13 A9 Spain 2:07 A10 Funk 2:06 A11 Sad 2:24 A12 Mirror 1:42

England Under Snow 'Conversations' LP (OPUS 1)

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A1 First 2:11 A2 Strawberry 1:56 A3 Paris 2:20 A4 Meadow 0:47 A5 Mersey 1:31 A6 Petula 1:30 A7 Ride 2:28 A8 Fire 1:57 A9 Ice 2:17 B1 Arthur 0:57 B2 Edward 2:26 B3 Jacqueline 1

England Under Snow 'Invitations' 12" E.P (OPUS 3)

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A1 Invitations A2 Portrait B1 Use Them To Feel B2 The Boys In The Backroom B3 Misty Blue

England Under Snow 'Stupid September' 12" E.P (OPUS 5)

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A1 Stupid September A2 Only For Ourselves B1 And The Problem B2 Stanley B3 The Elephant Ride