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Half Man Half Biscuit 'Nobody Cares About Your Creative Hub So Get Your Fuckin Hedge Cut' LP

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**INCLUDES CD VERSION OF THE ALBUM TOO!**  01. Alehouse Futsal 02. Man Of Constant Sorrow (With A Garage In Constant Use) 03. Knobheads On Quiz Shows 04. Bladderwrack Allowance 05. Renfield’s Afoo

Half Man Half Biscuit 'Trumpton Riots' 12" EP **SLEEVE ONLY**

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You read it right,folks…just the sleeve…no record inside it! We’ve got loads of the Trumpton 12″ sleeves,with no records to go in em! They’re all brand new,featuring the

Half Man Half Biscuit "The Trumpton Riots" 7"

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7″ single A. The Trumpton Riots (top 20 mix) B. All i want for chrsistmas is a Dukla Prague away kit

Half Man Half Biscuit 'Dickie Davies Eyes' 7"

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A. Dickie Davies Eyes B. I left my heart in Papworth General

Half Man Half Biscuit "Eno Collaboration"

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7″ single A. Eno Collaboration B. Hair Like Brian May Blues

Mr Amir 'No place to go' 12" EP

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A1. No place to go A2. The sun A3. The children B1. All my love B2. One more day B3. Still no place to go   *SLEEVES ARE A BIT WORN FROM STORAGE*

Half man Half Biscuit "Let's Not" 12"

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12″ single A. “Let’s Not” B. “Our Tune” ” Ordinary To Enschede”

The Mel-O-Tones 'Melonheaded' 12" EP

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A1. Mad Jesus A2. Seedy Lotion A3. Happy hour B1. Happy hour B2. Melonhead PROBE PLUS SUPER RARITY! LONG DELETED 2nd 12″ from Liverpool’s trash can, buzz saw geetar fanatics,The Mel O Tone

Half Man Half Biscuit 'Dickie Davies Eyes' 12"

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A. Dickie Davies Eyes B1.The bastard son of Dean Freidman B2. I left my heart in Papworth General

Half Man Half Biscuit feat. Margi Clarke "No Regrets" 12"

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12″ single A. No Regrets (Long version) B. No Regrets 1966 & All That Sleeves are a bit creased/worn from years of storage!

Public Disgrace' Toxteth' 7"

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A. Toxteth B1. LSD B2. Wars 2nd ever single release on Probe Plus, and one of Liverpool’s few punk bands