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Half Man Half Biscuit 'Back In The DHSS' CD

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  **Includes the long-deleted Trumpton Riots E.P.**

Marlowe "It's Turning Me On E.P." CD

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1. I’m The Kinda Guy Who Takes Advantage Of A Woman Like You (radio edit) 2. It’s Turning me On 3. Third Best Choice 4. Sweet Chocolate Ambition 5. No Wiser Than Before

Rocco 'Honesty' CD

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1.  Honesty 2.  Slipping out of circumstances 3.  All the boys 4.  Drifter 5.  I want you 6.  In silence 7.  In th early hours of the morning 8.  Is that love? 9.  Eight o’clock in the


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1. Westward Ho! – Massive Letdown 2.This One’s For Now 3. Baguette Dilemna For The Booker Prize Guy 4. My Outstretched Arms 5.The Bane Of Constance 6.Theme Tune For Something Or Other 7.Fa

Fishing In The Pool : Sonnenberg

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1. Shine On 2. Telephone Song 3. Mersey Moon 4. Another Mile 5. Stay 6. She 7. Just Wonderful 8. Roman Stone 9. Ebb ‘n’ Flow 10. Here With You 11. Journey Along Your Skin 12. Time 13. Walk

ROJA 'Promises i Should Have Kept' CD

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1. The evil stands high 2. Don’t leave me here to die 3. This old flame 4. Oh L’amour (Part 1) 5. Yeah i could 6. Some moments of silence 7. Heart attack 8. Nestle 9. I’m your lover

The Pool Of Life Revisited : The Onset

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1. Raken’em Down 2. The Taker (second take) 3. The Cowboy and His Wife 4. Precious Love 5. Talkin’ Space Travel Blues 6. Too Proud To Start 7. Trees and Plants 8. Glad Rag (instrumental) 9
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McIntyre Treadmore And Davitt : Half Man Half Biscuit

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Outbreak Of Vitas Gerulaitis Prag Vec At The Melkweg Christian Rock Concert Let’s Not Yipps (My Baby Got The) Hedley Verityesque A Lilac Harry Quinn Our Tune Girlfriend’s Finished With Hi